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Youda survivor Supravietuieste pe insulaYouda survivor Supravietuieste pe insula

Game description: Fight off pirates, survive and protect an entire tribe in this epic adventure! Use all your skills to survive the scorching sun and unordinary conditions on this mysterious island and find your way back home... or better: to your next adventure.Game controls: Mouse click. : : deschide jocul

Categoria: Jocuri de Aventura
Ultima oara jucat: 18 Iunie 2018, 07:17
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Categoria: Jocuri de Indemanare
Ultima oara jucat: 18 Iunie 2018, 07:16
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Game description: Trapped in your own art studio! Not only is it a little humiliating, but the only way out is via a secret door hidden whose pieces are scattered and hidden. It will take a true artist to may even call you the Escape Artist! Game controls: Mouse Click on objects to interact with them. : : deschide jocul

Categoria: Jocuri Puzzle
Ultima oara jucat: 18 Iunie 2018, 07:13
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school girl dress upschool girl dress up

This girl is the most popular and the trendiest girl in her high-school. She is crazy about fashion and shopping. At school she wears trendy outfits every time. Help her decide what to wear today! : : deschide jocul

Categoria: Jocuri cu Barbie Dress-up
Ultima oara jucat: 18 Iunie 2018, 07:13
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Game objective: Play Foosball with your favourite premiere league teams and become champions! How to play: Select your layout, each has characteristics for attack and defense. Use the left and right arrow keys to move your players left and right. Where the ball hits the player determines the angle the ball will head to. Hitting on edges allows for more angled shots. Game controls: Left, Right [...] citeste tot

Categoria: Jocuri de Fotbal
Ultima oara jucat: 18 Iunie 2018, 07:11
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calculeaza operatii simple aritmeticecalculeaza operatii simple aritmetice

Descrierea jocului: It's time to give your brain some training, solve the problems as quick as you can. The more you get right in a row the higher your score will be. Cum controlezi jocul: Use the mouse to click the answers. : : deschide jocul

Categoria: Jocuri de Aritmetica
Ultima oara jucat: 18 Iunie 2018, 07:06
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Categoria: Jocuri pe Tabla de Joc
Ultima oara jucat: 18 Iunie 2018, 06:59
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Cursa motocositoarelor 3D de tuns iarbaCursa motocositoarelor 3D de tuns iarba

Descrierea jocului: Cursa motocositoarelor! Vrei un alt tip de cursa? Poti concura folosindu-te de o masina de tuns iarba? Intrece-te in aceasta cursa 3D cu motocositoare. Tag-uri: Curse de masini, Intreceri cu masini, Concureaza pe circuitul de viteza, Jocuri cu masini Cum controlezi jocul: Sageti pentru a conduce, P - pauza joc. : : deschide jocul

Categoria: Jocuri de Curse
Ultima oara jucat: 18 Iunie 2018, 06:57
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Categoria: Jocuri cu Lupte
Ultima oara jucat: 18 Iunie 2018, 06:56
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Apara orasul de gangsteri dirijeaza
trupeleApara orasul de gangsteri dirijeaza trupele

[RO] Descrierea jocului: Orasul s-a umplut de gansteri. Foloseste fortele politiei pentru a-i opri inainte de a fi prea tarziu. Joc de strategie in timp real - gandeste repede, muta trupele pentru a elimina inamicul. Cum controlezi jocul: mouse. [EN] Game description: Your city is being overrun with gangsters! Use your police force resources to stop them before all hell breaks loose! Real-time [...] citeste tot

Categoria: Jocuri de Strategie online
Ultima oara jucat: 18 Iunie 2018, 06:55
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