Game description: Cookies... Cookies... COOKIES! Yes, it's your dream come true. You are now the proud owner of the newest, most delicious cookie and cake gourmet store in town.

Game objective: Your objective is obvious, make the tastiest desserts on the planet and sell them to anybody and everybody!

How to play: Hire and fire people, upgrade your store, train staff, make a profit... or a loss. Can you be the next COOKIE TYCOON?!?!

Game controls: Use the Mouse to drag mushrooms and place them in your desired spot.

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  • alexandra - 11 Feb 2012

    Deschide Comentariu nu stiu ce am de facut
  • viki - 3 Sep 2009

    Deschide Comentariu es un juego orible. no me busta para nada .....es un juego deplorable
  • anaid - 7 Feb 2009

    Deschide Comentariu nu e frumos deloc, nici nu inteleg ce trebuie sa fa .... e oribil ...parerea mea
  • RaLuKuTzA - 4 Feb 2009

    Deschide Comentariu este bun foarte bun
  • RaLuKuTzA - 4 Feb 2009

    Deschide Comentariu me gusta mucho poche es bueno
  • alexutzza - 8 Nov 2008

    Deschide Comentariu nu pricep ce am de facut aici
  • ciuky - 5 Oct 2008

    Deschide Comentariu numi placesad