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Game description: Howdy! Finally it's there, Governor of Poker 2! Packed with lots and lots of extra's! More cities to conquer and tournaments to play. Great new features, challenges and enemies to defeat. Are you ready for a new exciting adventure in the Wild West? Governor of Poker 2 starts where the first game ended, but nothing is what it seems to be.

Story: A new Dallas government has entered and decided to put a ban on all poker games and consider the game to be illegal. What's even worse... you lost your title of Governor of Poker because of all this! It's up to you to convince the minister of the Texas gambling committee and show him poker is all about skills!

How to play: Fight the ban on Poker! Learn how to play the best poker with the poker-tutorial. Play all new tournaments up to 120 opponents in 15 new cities and 23 new poker locations. You can choose to play all new poker tournaments, including a bounty hunter game, where you win cash prices when eliminating an opponent or play against a whole team of players! Organize your own tournaments, get loans at the bank. Travel by train, river casino boat or stage coach and play another game while travelling. Claim your transport and special locations like oilfields and mines. Buy the hats that suit you best or to get admitted to new locations. Judge your opponents based on new emotions, including nervous, on fire, steamy and tilt. Finally defeat the 9 best Notorious players to reclaim your title! Let's get on the train to Amarillo now and show them what you've got!

Game controls: Mouse.

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  • dascalu vasile aurelian - 4 Nov 2011

    Deschide Comentariu este un joc betooon
  • cici minci - 12 Iul 2011

    Deschide Comentariu un joc super!
  • Jucator mt2 ro - 25 Dec 2010

    Deschide Comentariu este mah lam facut si pe 1 si pe 2. Si va spun finalul.trebuie sa cumparati casele din Armadillo,sa nu va inprumutati la banca,dupa aceea va da un cal,mergeti cu el in celalalt oras si va bateti cu niste gemeni care au blocat trenul acela.Ii bateti si cu asta basta.(Sfat: gemenii cand risca mult nu am carti bune si riscati si voi muuuult mai mult k se vor schimba intre ei dupa aceea
  • samira - 1 Dec 2010

    Deschide Comentariu CF?
  • daniel - 29 Oct 2010

    Deschide Comentariu super.... tare laughing)
  • Andy_Girl - 22 Oct 2010

    Deschide Comentariu nashpa niciodat nu se kastiga nik ....suntatzi chiar nesy
    nu va mai jok in viatza mea..pt nessi voasta...pt un mik pariu si nici nu am dat mult sunt pa ultimul lok..nu cinstit...sunteti nessi rau!
  • ronaldo - 5 Oct 2010

  • c.ronaldo - 5 Oct 2010

    Deschide Comentariu sun pe yahoo.com