Game description: Play as a young Muay Thai Boxer, defeat all the evil gangsters and finally get the Big Boss in this action packed fighting game. The much awaited sequel to our popular fighting game "Muay Thai" based on the art of fighting that originated in Thailand, is here! In this awesome fighting game you have to play as a young Muay Thai Boxer and take on the henchmen as you make your way through various levels and finally get the Big Boss.

Objective: Clear all the baddies in each zone to proceed to the next one. You can upgrade your strength and power factors at the end of each level after you have defeated the level boss. The basic moves are listed below but dont forget to take the "Training" before you actually start playing the game to learn the awesome combo moves and tricks. So, go ahead and eliminate the evil gang before entering the boxing ring!

Game Controls: Move Around = Arrow Keys, Block = Z Key, Punch = X Key, Kick = C Key, Pause/Options = P Key, Resume Game = R Key

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  • 7.5 din 4 note

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