Game description: Very hot weather caused the tongues of your three friends run into the Ice Cream Kingdom.

Game objective: Your objective in this sweet and very nice online flash game is to help your three friends (Ben, Danny and Sarah) to find and get back their tongues.

How to play: You must use their special abilities to solve all 3 levels and win. Danny is well-build guy addicted to ice cream. His sweater will stop the evil ice-men. Ben is very tall guy and he is superb jumper. He reach higher places easily. And Sarah is a small chick who can get under the things where the boys are not able to go. She is also good at throwing and shooting.

Game controls: Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to walk. UP and DOWN ARROWS to climb ladders. Press "A" KEY for action or shoot (sarah only). Press "S" KEY to jump (Ben is the best jumper). Hit SPACEBAR to switch among the friends. You can use YOUR MOUSE to scroll through the whole map of the level.

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  • roxana - 20 Dec 2008

    Open Comment ma scuzati !
  • roxi - 20 Dec 2008

    Open Comment naspa ca naiba joku asta